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I work on projects from concept to creation and advise on technology startups.


Find your next tattoo


The club for renters.


Code in paradise.


Funding startups.

Microwave Media

A boutique agency.


Brand advocacy platform.


An image of Ros Horner

Ros Horner

Design Director at AKQA

Alex is like the secret love child of Mark Zuckerberg and Alexa Chung. (Hmm, they're too young, maybe Steve Jobs and Debbie Harry?) Well, either way he's the sort of genius who teaches himself PHP for fun, and manages to soften his full geekiness with his effortlessly stylish, and confident outward appearance. I'm looking forward to saying I worked with Alex before he was famous, and my friends saying "Why the hell didn't you get paid in shares?"
An image of Damien Gallagher

Damien Gallagher

Design Lead at Which?

Alex is perhaps the most switched-on person I've come across. He has an energy and vision that most of us would die for.
An image of Dom Donnelly

Dom Donnelly

Label Manager Anjunadeep

Alex is extremely driven, highly insightful, and passionate about his work. Consistently ahead of the curve, he is a pleasure to work with!
An image of Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

.NET Consultant of 17 years

Worked with Alex to provide consultancy on a web venture. Alex was easy to work with, he had a good grasp on what he wanted but was always willing to consider other points I raised. Pleasure to do business with.
An image of Oli Woodley

Oli Woodley

VP Head of Global Clients at VICE Media, LLC

Alex is highly motivated and creative and was a pleasure to work with him on several projects - and hopefully we will work on more together in the future!
An image of Josh Savinson

Josh Savinson

Founder at

His creative flair, drive for perfection and the fact that he is a genuinely fun guy made him a pleasure to work with. I very much hope to do business with him the future.
An image of Claudia Barozzi

Claudia Barozzi

Marketing Director UK at AllianceBernstein

Alex's advice on the way to properly use social media was extremely informative. A pleasure to do business with.
An image of Dave Sidhom

Dave Sidhom

Global Creative Director & Partner at First Contact Worldwide

Alex was a pleasure to work with. He gave plenty of insight into the project we were working on, he knew exactly what he wanted but was also very open to ideas on the designs. I'm looking forward to working with him again...if I get lucky!
An image of Charlie Carroll

Charlie Carroll

Real Estate Agent at Carlton International

Alex's appetite to be the first to the post is truly exhausting, his enthusiasm never fades and he just happens to be awesome on a night out!
An image of Nina Kelly

Nina Kelly

Senior Communications Specialist

He is an exacting client who is incredibly motivated and constantly researching how to improve projects. His creative flair and charisma ensure that working with him is an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to share knowledge.
An image of Salman Lakhani

Salman Lakhani

Co-Founder & CEO at Cubix

I had the pleasure of working with Alex. He was professional, passionate about his work, and a delightful client!